Agricultural Fencing

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Agricultural Fencing

Country, Farm, and Ranch fencing has been used primarily to keep livestock in – or out – of an area. It is also used over long ranges to mark farm and ranch property lines. Homeowners have recently started requesting ‘farm’-style fencing for their residential properties. Some of our most popular installations of country-style fencing are listed below.

Cow Panel
Cow Panel fencing combines wood bracing and metal farm panels. This cow panel fence is increasing in popularity on residential properties because of its modern appearance. Cow panel fencing is limited as to how it follows the flow of the ground. This type of fencing will stair-step along slopes and will leave gaps as the grade of the ground changes.

Wood Rail
Wood Rail is another Wood Rail fencing is available with flat rails and square posts or round wood rails and round posts. Recommended heights: 4’, 5’, and 6’, other heights are available. Wood Rail fencing has 8’ horizontal rails between posts. 3-Rail is the most popular in this area, but number of rails can vary depending on your preference. Wood Rail fencing will follow the flow of the ground.

Wood Rail with Black Chain Link
By adding black chain link to a wood rail fence, you are able to have the country look and and extra security. The vinyl powder-coated black chain link blends with the environment, and virtually disappears at long distances. Black chain link is the most popular, but this type of fencing is also available with green or brown chain link.

Barbwire with t-posts is the basic, and most economical, country-style fence. Typical heights are 4’, 5’, and 6’. Available in 4-strand, 5-strand, and 6-strand. We can also provide installation with wood posts or barbless wire fencing.